Friday, March 8, 2013

9 months old


At 9 months old, Nora:
  • continues to become more mobile.  She crawls, pulls up everything and loves to walk while holding your hands.  She is busy!
  • drinks 4 bottles per day and loves table food.  She is a very good eater.  She will pretty much eat anything.  Her favorites include bananas and small pieces of squash and sweet potatoes. 
  • is working on her top two teeth.  Her gums are super swollen and she is chewing on everything, so hopefully the come in soon.
  • has developed a bit of stranger anxiety.  She likes to have one of us by her side at all times.  Within the last week we have also had a few mornings at drop off where she cries when I leave.  :(
  • is babbling a ton. 
  • is a great sleeper but has started battling her afternoon nap a few days a week.  Guessing she will be down to one nap/day by the time she is one. 
  • loves her sisters.  She follows them around, and for the most part, they are both very sweet with her. 
  • weighs in at 19 lbs 7 oz (62nd percentile) and stands 28.8 inches tall (88th percentile).  She is basically the same size her sisters were at 1 year.  Maybe we'll end up with a basketball player afterall.  :)
IMG_3039 IMG_3068

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