Monday, May 13, 2013

11 months old

At 11 months old, Nora:
    04.29 (12)
  • is walking ALL over.  She is super sturdy and rarely falls down. 
  • loves to climb up the stairs and play in the pantry.   
  • is becoming more picky about the food she consumes.  There are several fruits and veggies that she liked at one time, but has since decided that she is no longer a fan.  Overall is still a good eater, just not as great as she was a one time.  
  • continues to be a pacifier dreading the one year mark when we ditch bottles, the pacifier and sleepsack.  Sounds so painful...
  • loves to swing at the park, but is not a fan of her bare feet touching the grass.   
  •  is working on her top 2 front teeth as well as the 2 next to them.  Luckily they don't seem to bother her.   
  • has developed a touch of stranger anxiety.  It isn't terrible, but she definitely doesn't like to go to anyone else if Mom or Dad are in the room. 
  • is babbling a lot, but still not a ton of actual words.  I'm sure they will come soon.
  • is such a easy-going, mellow baby.  We can't believe that she has been around for almost a year! 
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Cheri said...

She's clearly an overachiever, Angie. (Must run in the family.)